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  • You have really found their voice...

    — T.H.

  • ...your writing style is wonderful. It's a pleasure to have you on this project.

    — Fresh Millions

  • “I am so impressed with your efficiency; you have really moved us forward.

    — Jewelers Gallery


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As with all things, we get old. Some old things are great old like fine wine, vintage cars, model T’s, Fisher Price toys from my childhood. Some old things are useless-a flip phone? (hard to believe I thought that was cooler than these touch things!), sweater dresses, typewriters (bonus ,though, for Hollywood like their use […]

social media

Thank You, Social Media

I spoke with a client yesterday, who, given his age, doesn’t “get” social media.  I hear it from many clients and my parents.  “I don’t know what Twitter is and I wouldn’t know how to tweet.  Snapchat?  What’s the point?” My parents refuse to have a FB account and I’m not allowed to post any […]

My Addiction to Buffer

Buffer’s software application makes posting links easier as it connects all of your sites and schedules postings for you as well as delivers analytics.


  • Alexa, find my business on Google

    Alexa, Help My Clients Get Found

    Content marketing is a developing concept.  Just when we think we have the answers to helping businesses drives more customers to their website through short and long-tailed keywords, technology shakes content marketing up. According to the article, How Alexa and Google are Changing How People Find Your Business, consumers are currently relying on voice searches through […]

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    Does Your Website Need A Facelift -Whether your purpose is to improve your page ranking, create a stronger online presence, or improve the aesthetics of your site, Flair For Writing can help you make your website “pop” with fresh content. FollowShare

  • Improve your resume

    Looking to Improve Your Resume Flair For Writing Can Help! If you’ve found yourself a victim of the economy or simply want to keep abreast of your accomplishments, experiences, job descriptions and skills, consider reworking your resume. FollowShare

  • Client Communication

    Need to Communicate With Your Clients but Writing is not Your Forte? Consumers need to see your presence an average of 7 times before they even think of using your services or buying into your product. FollowShare

  • Editing Services

    Do you need a second eye to proofread your high school essay, college entrance essay, or business proposal? FollowShare