Effective Ways to Grow Your Following: My Experiment with Social Media

b092b7fb38147cd618ccd5ed34c71283  I love to experiment, not scientifially, mind you, but with the workings of social media.  I have listened to webinars, read article after article, and in my zeal to help my clients develop a successful social media campaign, I have created my own social media experiment.

So what draws attention to my page and twitter account?  The answers didn’t surprise me because it’s what drives me to others’ pages.

Funny Pictures

We all need to laugh.  Laughing reduces stress and anxiety, decreases tension, and happy people live longer!!  My most popular post was of a dog wishing people a Happy Friday.  There were no words from me as that would be redundant.  Check it out and Like it for yourself:  www.flairforwriting.com.

Inspirational Sayings

Make people think, ponder, comment.  Perhaps this will draw a response if not a like or two.  Follow up your inspirational sayings with a question:

What choice did you make that got you to where you are today?


Videos Share something that made you laugh, cry, re-evaluate life.  You should make a comment on the video so that people know why you want them to take their precious time to see what they’ve posted.  My favorite video is posted on my facebook account www.facebook.com/flairforwriting, and it’s truly a story about what happens when humans take time to care for those less fortunate, even if the less fortunate have four legs.  Hint:  people are more likely to click on your video if you give them a tease..”Unbelievable shot at the buzzer from 3/4 quart earns St. Mary’s victory over BYU.”  Heck, I want to see this amazing shot…over and over and over…then again, I am a proud graduate of SMC!


Images of icons  We like to remember our idols.  We want to share those images with people so we post them.

mlkAnd again, this post encourages a discussion.  A great follow up to your post might be:  I live my life serving others by teaching them what I know and sharing my knowledge.  My favorite people to teach are young children because so many of them are lost and have no role models to follow.  Please share and let me know:  What are you doing for others?




Flubs  In one of my posts I accidentally posted some random letters.  While I have the capability of deleting that post, I actually left it up there for a few reasons:  to show that I am not perfect, to show my sense of humor and likability, and to see what kind of traffic that mistake would generate.  Those three mistyped letters generated my fourth largest traffic.  Hmmm.

Whatever you decide to do with your facebook page, do it well and do it often.  Track your insights on your business page.  Ask your followers what they would like to see posted.  And by all means, gage your audience.  If you are in a serious mood and not getting any traffic by posting deep sayings or images, mix it up with some more lively posts and humor.  You will be able to judge what your audience is responding to on twitter immediately and Facebook over time.  Remember, this is a digital age and what we post is not set in stone.  That’s the beauty of technology.

What have you done to increase traffic to your social media platforms?  Please share and direct us to your site to allow us to Like it!

By Michelle Bedard

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