What I’ve Learned About Social Media…Or the First Things That Come to My Mind Before I Take A Good Run

Old Iphone pics 2011-2012 020 cooperIn spending any and all free time I have over the last two months, I have drowned myself in article after tweet after posting about the Do’s and Don’t’s of Social Media, the Newest Trends, How to Utilize Social Media to Help Your Brand and Bring You Lots of Money.

And in all of my reading there is only one certainty:  There is No One Way to Use Social Media.

For example, today I checked in on my personal facebook page and found myself bawling at a very good video by www.hopeforpaws.org/ about a homeless dog that was covered in fleas, blind in both eyes, and starving for warmth, food, and affection.  Her snow white fur was stained gray and after a bath, grooming, trip to the doctor and care and compassion, this beautiful dog had restored sight in one eye, wags her tail, and is in a loving home with two and four-legged companions.

The video was set to music and her story was told via videotape with only a few specs of content spattered throughout the video.  Yet, thousands of people got the message as was evidenced by the number of likes and comments on the page.  I was moved, compelled to spend hours sharing the story and now writing a blog on it.  Which is exactly what led me to think of all that I had learned about social media.

Social media is meant to be shared.  Just like this story.  Social media goes viral with a well-told story that touches a lot of people and demonstrates some of the first lessons about social media:

1.  Share stories that will get others involved to like your page, share your information.

2.  Use video; more and more people (myself not included due to time restraints and a lack of patience) prefer video to content.

3.  Provide powerful content that engages users.  Let’s face it; I’m a copywriter.  I love words, reading them and writing them.  So for me, using powerful content does not mean filling up the page with useless words.  It means putting together words so that as they become phrases and sentences, their value provides worth and drives people to share what you have to say.

4.  People love animals and babies.  Pictures of animals and babies are filling up my facebook pages!  Use them in an appropriate manner.

5.  Use other images as well.  Don’t force the baby/animal image if it doesn’t work.  Babies don’t mix with alcohol, unless you’re using the images to suggest what can happen if you drink too much and are careless…baby animals aren’t such a good draw in fast food ad.  KiOld Iphone pics 2011-2012 046nd of gives the wrong image and impression and can backfire, which leads me to point number 6.

6.  If you do post something that draws bad reviews or commentary, do NOT ignore the bad PR.  Address it.  Ignoring it looks as if the person who wrote the review is right, even if he or she is not.  Take a professional stance.  Tell your side in a short version, admit your wrong-doing, if necessary and take the high road.  I hear the view is better up there.

7.  Post, Share, and Like.  Much like the famous book, Eat, Pray, Love…I’m suggesting your post often, share what you post with others than your family (how do you think I got started in this business?  I was urged to share with others besides my family), and like what others have to say.  Which leads easily to my next point.

8.  “Like” what your friends, colleagues, and even competitors have to say.  Come across as a nice person, like you were told in kindergarten.  If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say it, and for sure, do not post negative comments.  Social networking is about sharing, and the last thing we want to do is draw negative criticism by bagging on someone else.  It makes you look bad, and face it, we all want to be liked.

9.  Posting and commenting and going viral shows people you can be trusted.  Sure, at the end of the day you want the sale.  You want someone to pay you for your goods and services.  But we are want to develop a relationship with you before we give you our business.  Don’t go into social media selling yourself without demonstrating that what you have to offer is valuable and worthwhile.

10.  Be real.  Be genuine.  Be honest.  We can all spot a fake.  I know when someone’s posts are out of date or from a automated response.  There is a time and a place for an automated response.  But the  point of social media is to interact with people.  And who better than to interact with than real people whose trust we want?

Lastly, I tell my clients to have fun with social media, which is what I do everyday.  It’s a fantastic way to connect with people you may never had a chance to meet.  It’s a way to learn and share what you know.  Because in the end, didn’t we all love show and tell when we were little?  And at the end of sharing, we got to ask questions of the person sharing.  So I ask you,

Please share my link and also share any comments or questions you have.

Here’s to growing your social media presence!





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