My Addiction to Buffer

In my daily meanderings around my social media sites yesterday, I came across an article about content management that I found very informative and wanted to share on Linked In, Twitter, Google +, and Facebook. But instead of seeing the usual Facebook image, Twitter bird, or Linked In branding, I saw a simple word:  Buffer.  Having never seen that link before, I ignored the link and moved on to finish the content for a Luxury Estate I was eager to see to completion.

Today I read through my emails and found an article from one of my favorite sites, Social Media Examiner.  After reading the article, “How to Create Content that Generates Leads,” I again looked for links to share this awesome article.  But again, no Facebook link, no friendly twitter bird, no red Google sign-only the word, Buffer.

Having a bit of time, but not really, I clicked on the Buffer image and a brand new world opened up to me.  Behind that link lay a play land of social links:  Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linked In, Pinterest, and Tumblr.  I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, the kids in the Lion Witch and Wardrobe,  and any child who has ever imagined living in a land of make believe.  But this was real!  My missing links had been found, and I found a time-saver, a gem, a golden opportunity to try a new social media tool, and the story of two young gentlemen who took an idea and ran with it.

Buffer is a software application that can help manage social media sites by posting them under one button and allowing the user to choose what time to post and how many times to post.  Buffer allows users to link to their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Google+,and Tumblr accounts all at once, instead of having to post to each account individually.  You can choose which accounts to link to and what time to post. Buffer incorporates analytics social media 3as well and has a help desk to answer questions around the clock.

Started within the last two years by two young entrepreneurs, Joel Gascoigne and Leo Widrich, Buffer has over 1,100,000 followers and is sure to grow with exposure and time.

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