Flair For Writing is getting a Facelift! Check out My Profile Page for Now!

As with all things, we get old. Some old things are great old like fine wine, vintage cars, model T’s, Fisher Price toys from my childhood. Some old things are useless-a flip phone? (hard to believe I thought that was cooler than these touch things!), sweater dresses, typewriters (bonus ,though, for Hollywood like their use in Hidden Figures!), and stale chips.

After 7 years, Flair For Writing will get an innovative look and feel and host a slew of new services including SEO, reputation management, video production, email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and more! But we will still base everything on awesome and shareable content.

Check us out on http://miche156.wixsite.com/michelle-bedard for now and keep watching! Or call us at 925-336-6076.

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